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The new Carmina Campus bags might be 100% Made in Africa, but the heart of the recycled collection is 100% Italian.

With the Carmina Campus brand Ilaria Venturini Fendi has used her family’s tradition of artisanal quality and impeccable detailing to refashion an unexpected material: leftover fabric.  Her designs salvage seemingly worthless remnants, leftovers and cast-offs, including military blankets and nylon safari tents, to create beautifully constructed shoppers, pochettes, laptop cases and other accessories.

Working with the International Trade Centre, Venturini Fendi developed the Carmina Campus 100% Made in Africa series from the slogan “not charity, just work.” Behind the collection is  the admirable goal of bringing work and funds to East Africa without supporting the idea that economic growth requires dependence on Western charity. The result is ethical and sustainable fashion that stitches together Italian style and African skill for fun and chic pieces any woman would want.

$52.00 – 390.00 | Want it?  Grab it!



Made in Africa Small Fabric Bag

Small Fabric Bag

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100% Made in Africa