Whatever your age or your background, once you’ve tasted Cedrata Tassoni it’s hard to forget. I would consider it a vintage Italian soft drink because drinking it has long been a rite. In other words, summertime doesn’t come without a big glass of Cedrata Tassoni.

Maybe not everyone remembers the Carosello commercial for Tassoni on the air between 1973 and 1977, but everybody knows that Tassoni is the only Italian brand, aside from Barilla, which managed to get the famous singer Mina to lend her image and voice for a commercial!


vintage italian ad

Tassoni Ad


The taste of citron is linked to my childhood, when I still used to go to the restaurant with my family every week. I do remember my first experiences with this strange-colored beverage served in a bottle with a slightly rough surface. Sip by sip, I started to love Cedrata Tassoni and I now tend to divide my supermarkets into two categories: those that carry Tassoni and those that don’t.



Tassoni packaging


Anyway, Cedrata Tassoni has become a ritual and a momentary break for scholars,students, managers and workers. Even if many people might deny it all, every time they see that unmistakable yellow beverage they start singing the jingle of the famous commercial: “How many things can you do, build, invent in the world … but leave a minute for me” (“Quante cose al mondo puoi fare, costruire, inventare .. . ma trova un minuto per me “).


bottles of tassoni

Famous Tassoni Bottles


Vintage Tassoni Ad When you're thirsty for home just a couple of sips of Tassoni will do! Tassoni Soda: it tastes good and it does you good.