I met these two valuable musicians on the occasion of their performance with Lorenzo Cherubini (aka Jovanotti) at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Riccardo is the guitar player and Saturnino is the bass player in the band. The show was a success, and since the musicians took a little time for themselves in the following days, I met them and asked a few questions about this American experience…


Riccardo (guitar player) & Saturnino (bass player)


Guys, this isn’t your first time here, right? I recall watching you play at the Santa Monica Pier a couple of years ago.

R.O. Yes, actually I remember we were here when Michael Jackson passed away and I was so impressed by the resonance of that event. You could see and hear about MJ everywhere and I was really touched by the importance people (and the media) gave to his great music. As you know – being a musician yourself – we mostly grew up listening to American music, so coming here to play ours is somewhat of a dream come true for all of us and it makes us feel part of this big scene!

S.C. That’s totally right! And I want to add that when locals come to see a show like ours (which is quite unknown here), they always have a great attitude that’s non-judgmental and fully open to evaluating, learning and eventually accepting it, since they are not influenced by ethnicities, colors or any other elements which are not part of the music itself. In other words, there is no such thing as “not cool,” or at least that’s our perception from the stage…


Saturnino playing on stage


That sounds great, and I certainly agree with you, having lived in LA for about 15 years. Do you think there is a way for you guys to bring some of this powerful vibe back Italy? After all, as performers, your position is quite privileged…

S.C. Yes, I believe so, too. It’s all about sharing the experience and acknowledging that different music genres are meant to interact with each other, regardless of their origins. In Italy, we can definitely push towards a bigger, international approach where those boundaries are less and less defined. Rock, pop, jazz etc… are all parts of the same message.

R.O. I think we tend to spontaneously store some of this energy and give it back when we hit the stage in Italy. So far (March 2012), this experience has been the best one for me and I feel positively charged!


Riccardo enjoying the performance on stage


That’s great to hear! Where and when have you guys played this time in the US?

R.O. We left Italy on March 5th, started in Miami on the 10th, played New York from the 12 to 14th, then arrived at the El Ray in Los Angeles. Again, we’ve been impressed by the variety of acts playing before and after Jovanotti in all these venues!


Saturnino during the show


Jovanotti, Saturnino & Riccardo on the stage


Now that your work commitments are done, do you have any specific plans for the next days?

S.C. Absolutely, are you kidding me? I HAVE to go back to Universal Studios and find out if King Kong is a real big ape or just another Hollywood actor!!!


A portrait of Riccardo