Chicco, an Italian line of infant and baby products, had three problems with reaching success in the American market:

1) It is not a recognizably Italian name (some customers thought it was from Mexico or China).
2) it is not easy to pronounce.
3) Chicco is not a name that gives consumers an idea of its product.

With a bright primary-colored campaign, the company is using these three problems to build a strong brand re-launch. Using the taglines “Get Them to Say Chicco (KEE-ko)” and “If You Say it Right You Smile,” the company is engaging American consumers through an original competition.

To enter, parents must submit a video of their child correctly pronouncing “Chicco.” While the official prize is a video feature on the company’s 100-foot Times Square billboard, non-competitors will enjoy the ridiculously cute web gallery of gap-toothed kids trying to learn their first Italian word.

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