The truth is Chlorodont was originally produced in Germany, but trust me, from 1907 – 1980 this toothpaste was behind some of the freshest Italian smiles.


A vintage Chlorodont sign


Just how clean and fresh did Chlorodont make Italian smiles?  Well, according to a recurring segment on Carosello (an advertising variety program on Italian TV) this toothpaste makes your mouth so clean that you can’t even tell a lie!

In a segment on Carosello called La bocca della verità [The Mouth of Truth] the beautiful Italian actress Virna Lisi flashes her set of pearly white teeth during short comedy sketches.  There’s plenty of opportunity to laugh because, much to the dismay of her put-upon husband, Virna’s character speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.  While her husband loves his wife’s innocent honesty, at the same time he suffers the negative consequences when she is too honest.


Virna Lisi | Chlorodont presents The Mouth of Truth


In one episode Virna is at a piano performance.  When the song ends she claps politely, but then goes on to explain that the reason she’s applauding is because she’s glad the performer finally stopped singing.  Unfortunately, these truthful insights often come out when Virna is talking with her husband’s boss, but no matter what she does we’re always reminded that “with a mouth like that she can say whatever she wants.”  Each episode ends with her brilliant smile.


One of Chlrodont's Italian sports sponsorships


In the end Chlorodont might have had some serious German science behind it, but with great Italians such as Sophia Loren and the cyclist Alfredo Martini representing the brand, the Chlorodont smile shone with Italian wit and style.


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