I first headed out to Barcelona to meet the designers of Txell Miras after I saw their collection online. Their offices were on the outskirts of the city, in Terrassa. It was a beautiful loft which the designer Meritxell Miras and her husband Ivan Caparròs used as a design studio and office. She look real cool in her “own” outfit, as you can see in the image below.


Meritxell Miras | Image courtesy of Christian di Stefano

I loved the collection and decided to represent it in the U.S. Here’s how the first line looked and was shown in the TXELL MIRAS SS11 catalog:

Txell Miras Collection


We placed in stores pretty fast and I was so glad to finally find a collection that my favorite store in Los Angeles, Church Boutique, would appreciate.


church boutique | txell miras ss11

Rodney, the owner of Church Boutique puts Txell Miras SS11 on the mannequins


Today I went for a stroll at Church and I have to report back to you on the beauty of this museum-like boutique.

Here is the Entrance. Glorious!


church boutique entrance

The entrance to Church Boutique


Church Boutique is as spiritual and peaceful as an empty monastery. The vibe changes every week. I have never walked into the same amazing assortment of goods. There is always something new and they always have an interesting way of presenting it.


church boutique

Inside Church Boutique



Like these Arellanas Lizard bags, or this gorgeous dress dragging on the floor.


Arellanas Lizard Bags at church boutique

Arellanas Lizard Bags

A great dress!


I love the Riff line and the Odyn Vovk selection too.


A piece from Odyn Vovk

Riff clothing line


It’s a sort of revisitation of Maxfield with even more sophistication, mainly because Rodney, the owner and creative director, used to manage the store. Pricey, avant-garde, exclusive and contemporary, it’s the most  understated yet over-stimulating environment for fashion lovers. At Church there are also all kinds of accessories and objects. You can find jewelry and incredible art.


Jewelry at Church

Art at Church


Situated in Hollywood, Church attracts celebrities, stylists and photographers from all over the world. It has become a hot spot for collections since it offers them an exposure other stores can’t guarantee.

Now Church carries Txell Miras FW11 line, as you can see here:


The Txell Miras FW11 Collection


Only a few Txell Miras Fall Winter line pieces are left and they stand right by these amazing cocoon-looking heavy wool sweaters by Johan Ku .


Johan Ku sweaters


Lovely visit, time to go now, here’s a last peek of me at Church, now go see for yourself!


At peace at Church