The Ciclotte


Easter is coming and we are all ready for some excess, but for those who struggle every year to get back in shape for summer it’s already time to think about how to achieve this goal. Enter the Ciclotte.  Produced by  Italian company Lamiflex and Italian designer Luca Schieppati, the Ciclotte is the perfect combination of  technology and lifestyle design.

Invite the Ciclotte into your home during the Easter holidays and you’ll have a great way to reduce the regret that sets in after a great dinner and a few drinks. Even if you’re lazy, maybe the Ciclotte’s beautifully designed curves will remind you of your shapely goal.  Add to that the fact that this isn’t one of those massive treadmill eyesores, but an elegant piece of furniture and you’ll be “riding on design” in no time.

$ 11,000.00 | Want it? Grab it!





The Ciclotte's minimal design

A detail of the pedal