Today Coeur, a wonderful trade show in the Cooper Building, starts.  It’s put on during Los Angeles Market Week by Lisa Elliot Rosas and Henri Myers,  masterminds of Em Productions, the multi-brand agency which always discovers new talent.


womens accessories


Coeur is the West Coast’s premier high-end tradeshow for women’s fashion accessories, gift and home decor, eyewear, jewelry, shoes and other essentials from internationally respected designers and contemporary labels.  Sunday during set-up I had the chance to peek at some of the lines.


Here is set-up Sunday


It was Ravid who walked me around behind the scenes of Coeur Sunday afternoon. She collaborates with the Coeur team, so we toured the booths.




Bliss Lau is an old friend who I used to represent.  I was glad to find that she would be at Coeur as well! Look at her body jewelry…

womens accessories

Bliss Lau's body jewelry


Then There was Dream Collective’s Neon inspired Jewelry.


womens accessories

Neon jewelry by Dream Collective


I fell in Love with Bones and Feathers Jewelry


womens accessories

Bones and Feathers


Not to mention the cute transparent socks by Hansel from Basel.


womens accessories

Socks by Hansel from Basel


This designer really impressed me with her amazing pieces..but I can’t remember her name :/


womens accessories

Great pieces ... wish I could remember the designer's name!


womens accessories

Lisa Elliot trying to get some last minute things done before the show.


One last peek at an amazing object… before I have to go!


womens accessories

Another great piece of jewelry