carlo trevisani italian design coffee and cigarettes

A cup, an ashtray


You may think we are just showing you a coffee cup, like millions and millions of others…but the truth is that Carlo Trevisani has designed something that’s much more than a cup.

A coffee cup and an ashtray? Maybe. A design object for smokers? Maybe.  You could always choose to just have some coffee, and save the ashtray for your smokin’ guests (like we do). Either way the point is that “Coffee and Cigarettes” represents a state of mind … that moment of the day when you’re enjoying your coffee and looking forward to smoking your favorite blend.  The ashtray becomes the perfect symbol of this personal and relaxing ritual.  Once this moment is over you leave your C&C and return to what you were doing, but this time the stress is gone and, with a smile on your face, you’re thinking about the perfect performance of Roberto Benigni in Coffee and Cigarettes.


$99 | Want it? Grab it!

carlo trevisani coffee and cigarettes cup

Enjoy your ritual...

coffee and cigarettes trevisani

... or enjoy just your coffee