Coleos Computer Backback | Piquadro


Even if you love minimal design, you probably feel like a maximalist when it comes to how much stuff you carry around with you. The Coleos Computer Backpack by Italian brand Piquadro allows you to organize and protect everything – smartphone, tablet, laptop, tech accessories, bike helmet, water bottle, credit cards – without too much fuss.

As the perfect travel solution, the Coleos Computer Backpack lets you compartmentalize all of your most important accessories.  A padded compartment protects your iPad, while a pocket with drainage holes keeps your umbrella dry. The elegant leather design with modern aluminum detailing makes it appropriate for work. If you’re on the road, practical details such as an external strap that lets you fit the bag securely to your suitcase trolley mean it will quickly become your go-to travel bag. No wonder it was just awarded the 2013 Wallpaper Design Award for best bag.

$ 368.00 | Want it ? Grab it !



Coleos Computer Backpack in Maize Yellow | Piquadro


Coleos Computer Backpack in Black | Piquadro

Coleos Computer Backpack in Black | Piquadro



Coleos Computer Backpack in Dark Brown | Piquadro


Coleos Computer Backpack in Turtledove | Piquadro