Cirkuita Band Bracelet | Paola Mirai


You sit at your computer all day long.  You know the feel of every key, the tone of every click, and the color of every desktop icon by memory.  A computer might mean work to you, but look at it through the transparent and super-light material of Italian designer Paola Mirai’s bracelets and what you’ll see is an iconic object of beauty.

A former art director in Milan, Paola Mirai recycles used and discarded pieces of technology, from inkjet cartridges, to the bottom layer of a Mac keyboard, to create bracelets, rings and other jewelry. The computer components are suspended in a transparent material, orotrasparente, developed by the designer. The results range from the bold and graphic, such as a bracelet that warns “Don’t touch!” to the ornamental byzantine lines of a keyboard bracelet.  Since the pieces are handmade by Paola in Milan from distinctive and sometimes rare computer parts, each is a unique one off creation. It’s a great way to take a new, more poetic look at the computer most of us take for granted.

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Don't Touch Cirkuita Band Bracelet | Paola Mirai


Mac Refuse Cirkuita Band Bracelet | Paola Mirai


Toshiba HD Cirkuita Band Bracelet | Paola Mirai