Heavy bass, rough sounds and massive notes are the main feature of Congorock, the Italian project of Rocco Rampino.

He passed through Forli and Milan before settling permanently in Los Angeles, where he lives and produces music. He has earned the respect and support of the most famous names in the game from Afrojack to Diplo, from Tiësto to Benny Benassi, from Martin Solveig to Duck Sauce and the Crookers.

Congorock | Rocco Rampino


“I left Italy at a time when our local electronic scene was becoming a real cliché. I had already done several tours in America, so I decided to stick with the scene whose birth I had witnessed. At the time, LA was the creative epicenter of the United States. A place where creativity flowed in from 360 degrees, from the city, from nature and the people who lived there. Much of the local underground music is directly influenced by Mexico. The city resonates with so many new ethno / Latino rhythms that I love to incorporate in my sets and productions.”


Congorock | Rocco Rampino


But what cemented his reputation were the dance parties. Rocco spun around the world with a unique energy, pumping 130 bpm electro, fidget and ghetto house.

Rocco is not a one-track-per-month, one-remix-per-week kind of artist. He meticulously shapes every release, nothing is left to chance.

Last week was, apparently, the right time to release a new EP: MONOLITH / AGARTA.

A friend of mine shared it on Facebook and I immediately clicked the link to SoundCloud.
Monolith is the first song. After one and half minutes of an instrumental intro, in pure Congorock style, the track starts with the kind of massive bass that sets an electro-dance beat.

Agarta is the second and last track of the EP.  The beginning reminds me of the French duo Justice, but when the bass increases and the bpm goes faster, I already know: here comes the moment when my eardrums will be blown! One minute of pure bass violence, then back to the classic electro beat that sets the stage for the coming thunder. This is Congorock massive style!

Check it out: