Marilyn convertible dress by Lemuria

Marilyn convertible dress


Who hasn’t dreamt of leaving for summer vacation with a lighter suitcase? The convertible dress designed by Susanna Gioia lets your dream come true.

Since 2007 Lemuria has been producing multi-functional clothing in a deconstructed design that is easy to wear and extremely stylish. The brand name was inspired by the lost continent Lemuria, the setting for a myth of transformation where human beings changefrom ethereal ghosts to solid bodies and are destined to further evolve over time.

Each jersey dress can be transformed into 10 different outfits.  An accompanying DVD and a clip on vimeo help you style your outfit. As convertible clothing these 100% Made in Italy pieces have become a powerful symbol of freedom. Freedom to change, freedom to resist the dictates of fashion, freedom to travel light, freedom to be yourself in every situation and, last but not least, freedom to play even if you are old.

€ 100.00 – 450.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Eight transformations of Marilyn Dress by Susanna Gioia for Lemuria

Eight transformations of Marilyn dress


One of the convertible dress by Susanna Gioia for Lemuria

Marilyn dress