Winding up Italian lighting design


“Less is more.” The Italian designer Nicolò Barlera has captured this saying in the form of his Cordial Lamp: ten meters of electrical cord rolled around to give birth to a pendant lamp.


Barlera | Cordial Lamp

Nicolò Barlera | Cordial Lamp


For the initial design, Barlera collaborated with designer Lorenzo Antonioni,  then he developed the project with Swedish design firm Kanter & Karisson. The result is a dream for anyone who loves minimal modern home furnishings since the material used is reduced to an absolute minimum.  Barlera needed just the cord, plug and bulb socket. What makes the design so ingenious and inspiring is that electrical cord,  normally considered to be an ugly but necessary component of lighting design, is transformed into an attractive decorative element. It’s an inspired new way to light up design.



Cordial Lamp | 10 meters of electric cord to form a pendant lamp



The use of material is minimum.



Nicolò Barlera | Cordial Lamp


Nicolò Barlera | Cordial Lamp