Coren Bicycle | Christian Zanzotti x UBC


Want to fly away with the wind? Now you can with Coren, the newly designed bicycle by Christian Zanzotti for UBC. With its lightweight carbon fiber design it makes you feel as if you’re flying over the city streets, sweeping away the traffic.

The name Coren means precious and with its high price it’s clear this is an exclusive luxury bike. In return you get amazing technology that pays close attention to detail.  It includes features such as maintenance-free belts, so your Coren is quiet and reliable. But that’s not all; Zanzotti designed Coren with different types of riders in mind, so you can pick among single speed, pedal-assisted or fixed geared Coren models. All you have to do is choose your Coren and fly away!

€ 25,000.00 + | Want it? Grab it!


Coren Bicycle

UBC Coren Bicycle

Coren Bicycle | Christian Zanzotti