Angel Falls Suspension Light | Terzani


I’ve never been a real fan of chandeliers.  They make me think of formal dinners in stiff chairs and all the work that goes into dusting a light that is rarely used, but  the Angel Falls Suspension light by Nigel Coates for Italian lighting company Terzani is not that kind of chandelier.

A unique attention-grabbing lamp, Angel Falls won’t be mistaken for just another chandelier. It’s also the kind of design that gets people talking as soon as they see it. What makes the lamp so dramatic are not the small halogen or LED lights,  but the crystal angels that seem to be free-falling from them.  Given the option to customize the handmade group of leaded crystal figures, the unorthodox design can make a striking statement as an entryway light or hang as an unexpected dining table centerpiece.

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Crystal Angel Falls Suspension Light


Crystal falling angel figurines