cupellini a quiet life

So these two Neapolitans walk into a hotel in rural Germany…

The conflict in director Claudio Cupellini’s new film A Quiet Life (Una vita tranquilla) sounds like it could be the beginning of an inter-European joke. However, the story of an ex-hitman whose newly placid family life is interrupted by unexpected visitors is being hailed as a subtle and complex portrait which goes beyond stereotypes of the Italian criminal.

A Quiet Life Stars Toni Servillo, is nominated for Italy’s prestigious Donatello di Davide award and will be screening at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival from April 22-24.

Produced in Italy, France and Germany, with dialogue in Italian, Neapolitan and German, Cupellini’s film is a very international product.

In fact it’s currently being promoted by the Istituto italiano di cultura of New York and is featured on the list “10 Films with French Roots.”