Your Dating Espresso… Without the Sugar.

I’m not sure who taught you that peeing on your date would result in the shag of your life and ultimately, your rise to the throne… but who ever did, lied to you. Dating is a game of push and pull and if all you do is pull, you’re bound to find some resistance.

Date Like an Italian + tug of war

Date Like an Italian | Tug of War is a serious sport

There is nothing sexy about someone trying to claim something that doesn’t belong to them. Go ahead and apply this to relationships as well: committing to someone doesn’t make you their property. Yet, as obvious as this seems, why the hell is it so common?

I’m tired of seeing the man grab his date by the arm, forcefully guiding her to the dinner table. Is the waiter complimenting her French accent worth asking her whether she’s screwed the entire staff? Women are not lands to be conquered; they are not badges to be added to your boys scout jacket.

Ladies aren’t innocent of possessiveness either. It’s a dreadful cocktail of insecurities and competition; stay away, bitches, he’s mine! When women act this way they have no idea how pathetic it makes them seem. By attempting to claim your territory you’re practically admitting yourself into the nuthouse. It’s not sexy and no man wants to screw a psychopath.

Date Like an Italian + brian mccarty

Sympathy for the Record Industry by BRIAN MCCARTY -

If your date responds positively to your possessive behavior, you’re dealing with someone with issues. In a way, I want to say you deserve each other but that would be supporting an obsessively unhealthy relationship and for the sake of my credibility, I really can’t do that.

Shot of Espresso: Have faith in what you have to offer; you’re not the freak living on top of the bell tower who needs to trap people to make them like you. You may think you’re drawing someone closer by wrapping them in chains, but I assure you: the second they find a way to escape, you’ll NEVER see them again.

Date Like an Italian + araki

Nobuyoshi Araki, Untitled from Mythology, 2001 - © Nobuyoshi Araki
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