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Hill High Limited Edition Collection FW 2013 | D.A.T.E.


The Hill High is already a popular style for Italian sneaker brand D.A.T.E, but for FW 2013 they’ve taken the risk of redesigning the classic in a limited edition collection.  As you probably know, Italian fashion brands have recently been obsessed with studs.  Now, D.A.T.E, which is known for designs that are urban and comfortable with a vintage vibe, is bringing this trend to its supple leather sneakers. What makes the new collection a standout are the colors that range from understated neutrals with antique-finish studs to cool metallics featuring fluorescent studs.  Remaining true to the brand’s roots in Florence, D.A.T.E. makes sure the studs are applied using traditional artisan techniques.

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Pink High Hill Model by D.A.T.E.

Pink High Hill Model


Orange High Hill Model

Orange High Hill Model


Black High Hill Model

Black model by D.A.T.E.