earrings with eyes

Gold, Pearl & Enamel Eye Earring | Delfina Delettrez


As part of the Fendi family Delfina Delettrez might belong to a traditional Italian fashion institution, but her jewelry design always carries her own uniquely individual avant-garde signature.

Bold and bright, Delettrez’s jewelry collection combines materials such as precious metals, resin and enamel. These single earrings feature enamel lips or an enamel eye with a 9K gold  half hoop and a fresh water pearl. Similar to the rest of the collection, the striking, but simple imagery references the surrealist tradition while drawing on Delettrez’s cast of imaginary and historical characters. It’s the essence of statement jewelry and each symbol says something special about your style.

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earrings with lips

Gold, Pearl & Enamel Lips Earring | Delfina Delettrez