Recently, when I was in Barcelona, I visited a design store owned by Koke Valls y Carlos Baladia in a lovely neighborhood called Balmes.

Style Pupa at Mercander de Venecia

It has furniture from all over the world, and the store is very cozy and recreates rooms that seem like real homes.

Mercander store

It’s a store that you won’t discover on your own unless someone tells you about it. In the store you see quality all around. From cool modern bookshelves, to lamps to interesting cow skulls … at Mercader de Venecia, furniture comes from all around the world and is carefully selected for you.

Mercander de Venecia


The owners of Mercader started the company in 1994 after their long trips to Asia. If you need stone buddhas or gorgeous tapestries Mercader de Venecia is the place to go. I can’t leave the place without feeling transported to other cultures.Visit their beautiful home design store website and get lost in the amazing images of their showroom and products. Design your own furniture, get products to paint your house or just visit the store, it really is a great experience.


Mercander de Venecia | Barcelona


Just recently they showed the works of photographer Toni Riera and this picture was my favorite in the show:


Photo by Toni Riera