I miss spending time with Darren Collins.  He designs and owns Religion Clothing, the line I work for, and usually we spend time together during the presentation of the collections right before our sales campaigns.

Not only is he incredibly talented, but he’s also very witty. Check out his responses to these American Rag questions and you’ll get an idea of his British humor.


Darren Collins of Religion Clothing and I


1. What was your original dream job?
Rock star (voice was shit)

2. Favorite pet?
My miss’s

3. Worst date?
Taking a girlfriend to my mate’s house for dinner and realising he was seeing her as well( you should have seen the look on our faces)

4. Last song you downloaded?
Junk of the heart (The Kooks)

5. Your mode of transportation?
The tube

6. Your ideal day off?
Sitting in a cold dark room listening to music

7. Favorite local hangout?
In my mate Mr Reposar’s photo studio discussing the next shot.

8. Who’s your favorite designer?
Martyn Bal


The slogan pretty much tells you all you need to know about Religion's latest collection!


9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

10. If you could have a beer with anyone, who would it be?


Religion Clothing looks its best this season and I am so exited to show you the collection. There is also some real breaking news about a new line we are re-launching…I’ll say more in the next piece!