Desktructure Desk Organizers | Héctor Serrano x Seletti


It happens to the best of us.  You’re at your desk, ready to get your work done, but the minute you put pen to paper or touch your keyboard, your mind starts to wander.  You imagine trips to foreign lands with beautiful beaches or start wondering how long it took to build Big Ben.  Well, with the Seletti Desktructure accessories you can give some structure to your daydreaming and your desk.

Designed by Héctor Serrano Desktructure is a modular desk organizer. The fine white porcelain pieces include pen and pencil cups, open containers and small boxes, perfect for loose stamps, paperclips, erasers and USB keys.  Put together the individual pieces form a warehouse, a ship and a city, each with a touch of color on the bottom.

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City Desk Organizer


Ship Desk Organizer


Factory Desk Organizer