iPad Fold Bag | diFeltro


Ever since its been used in classy Fedora hats, the combination of felt and leather has given a touch of cool elegance to accessories.  Today felt and leather have a new tech twist thanks to diFeltro.  This new label, created by architect Andrea Varutti, designer Colleen Beckett and web strategist Francesco Benvenuto, is inspired by technology and will soon be in production thanks to the technology of social media.

The diFeltro line, which offers cases for iPads and beyond, began on Kickstarter and quickly gained fans on Mac blogs and fashion sites. The number of supporters on board the project can easily be explained by its focus on quality and craftsmanship.  The wool used for their products comes directly from Germany, and its 100% made in Italy with traditional techniques passed down through generations. One of their coolest product is the Fold iPad bag, which comes in four different colors and is very versatile due to its fresh design.  Other diFeltro made with the same style and care include an iPhone sleeve and an iPhone belt.

$30.00 + | Want it? Grab it!


A detail of the Fold bag


Two felt and leather cases

iPad Fold

100% Made in Italy