You might think you’re not high maintenance, but how much room would you need to feel comfortable in a living space? For Italy’s foremost living architect Renzo Piano, the answer is simple: 6  square meters or 80 square feet. That’s the size of Diogene, his new cabin built on the campus of German design firm Vitra.



Diogene | Renzo Piano x Vitra


While Renzo Piano is responsible for London’s Shard, the European Union’s tallest building, his new project, Diogene, is a micro-house that resembles more of a luxury trailer thanks to its aluminum paneling. If you compare Diogene to a cavern, a hut or a box, you’re not far off since its inspiration comes from the classical Greek philosopher Diogenes, who is said to have renounced his worldly possessions in order to live in a barrel.



Diogene | Renzo Piano x Vitra


No matter what it may look like, Renzo Piano’s Diogene is much more than a simple container thanks to technology which makes the dwelling largely self-sufficient, such as photovoltaic cells, solar panels and a rainwater tank. A wood interior gives the cabin warmth while a pull-out sofa and table offer flexible furnishings. The eco-friendly modern minimalist dwelling might be inspired by a barrel, but we’re betting the three models Vitra will be offering in the future will cost a lot more.



Diogene | Renzo Piano x Vitra