Diva Lamp and Music System | Donegani & Lauda x Rotaliana


One thing about Italian design is it always gets noticed.  It likes to be the center of attention in interior design and not a supporting player.  In other words, it’s the lead star.  Perhaps that’s why when Italian designers Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda created a multi-functional bedside table lamp for Rotaliana they called it Diva.

The Diva is a pyramid-shaped powerhouse that can do it all.  It’s an LED light, a radio, a speaker system and most importantly an iPhone and iPod dock. The unique shape of the Diva elegantly hides multiple performance options when it comes to your music library.  Beyond the iPhone dock there is a USB socket to play from a flash drive, an audio-out socket for external speakers and an auxiliary socket that can attach to a CD player. The Diva also functions as a radio player and a clock. Elegantly dressed in black or white aluminum, it might not have the curves of an opera singer, but the Diva easily steals the stage.

$636.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Diva Lamp and Music System | Donegani & Lauda x Rotaliana

The Diva's LED light


The Diva with its remote control

The Diva with a good old-fashioned book