I’m sure you know that, here at Ganzo, we love design and we love food.  When both of these things are Italian we love them even more!  So this Easter we’ve been looking for modern Italian re-designs of a classic treat – the Easter Egg – that will let us combine all of these passions and make our Easter a little bit sweeter!


Smart Egg | Guido Gobino


The smartest idea comes straight from master chocolatier Guido Gobino’s hands. This Easter his new collection plays with design and technology to bring us the Smart Egg.  Born from the collaboration with the Truly Design Visual Communication Studio, this egg has a double surprise: the classic one hidden in the box and one that can be discovered by scanning a QR code printed on packaging that combines the minimalism of a bar code with ’60s op-art.



Another tribute to technology comes from hi-Fun, an Italian company known for its playfully exuberant twist on classic accessories and T’a Sentimento Italiano, a traditional Italian chocolate manufacturer.  In this case the surprise is an iphone cover hidden beneath a sleek shell of Grand Cru chocolate.


Truly Design Egg x Guido Gobino


These chocolate eggs might not have the same technology as the previous two, but without a doubt their modern design is unique.  The Uovo Truly Design (Truly Design Egg) by Guido Gobino is an extra bitter blend chocolate that is hand decorated.  The images are taken from the Turin street art murals created by young visual communications studio Truly Design