an alarm clock that resembles a dear. eco friendly!

Eco DIY Collection | Eduardo Alessi x Area+


For me, and I’m sure for many of you as well, the ECO DIY Collection designed by Eduardo Alessi represents a return to the really fun craft projects of my childhood. This time, though, the project has a much more intelligent eco-friendly purpose: it allows us to construct a great design object for our living space that also makes us think about the environment we live in.

Each Eco DIY animal produced by Area+ comes as a flat piece of recycled cardboard that, thanks to simple instructions, can be easily assembled without any glue or extra supplies.  Once you’ve folded and pressed your cardboard you have home accessory in the form of an animal – a giraffe lamp, a deer alarm clock, an elephant speaker, a rhino pen holder or an owl bookmark with magnifying eyes. Choose your favorite and  get into eco-friendly arts and crafts or, better yet, buy all 5 and you’ll find yourself with an eco-zoo!

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speakers that resemble an elephant. eco friendly!

Eco DIY Elephant Speakers


a lamp that resembles a giraffe. eco friendly!

Instructions for the Eco DIY Collection Giraffe Lamp


a pen holder that looks like a rhino. eco friendly!

Rhino pen holder | Eduardo Alessi


a paper holder that resembles an owl. eco friendly!

owl magnifier bookmark | Eduardo Alessi