Meet the rain with an eco-friendly Italian solution.


Ginkgo umbrella in the park during the fall season

Ginkgo umbrella


Do you know that each year more than 900,000,000 umbrellas are lost, broken and improperly disposed of? Well I definitely didn’t, but once I read about the Ginkgo umbrella I learned that if you took all the iron used to make traditional umbrellas you could build more than 20 Eiffel towers!

There are more and more projects that are trying to make people aware of the benefits of being eco-friendly while providing them with new Italian design objects created from recyclable materials. Many companies have decided to follow this “green path” and offer products with a low environmental  impact to preserve our world.  That’s exactly what Ginkgo is doing with its new collection of completely recyclable umbrellas.


ginkgo umbrella just waitnign for use

Ginkgo umbrella


Ginkgo offers the first umbrella made entirely of a single  material, polypropylene.  By reducing the number of components and improving the design, Ginkgo has not only increased the reliability and simplified the production process of the umbrella, they’ve also made a 100% recyclable and stylish product.  Thanks to the strong and flexible polypropylene that resists impact and the wind, you no longer have to deal with broken or damaged umbrellas.

ginkgo umbrella

Ginkgo umbrella


“We truly believe that Ginkgo will come into everyone’s life like many smart plastic products have done before.”  This is what Ginkgo’s team expects from all of us eco-friendly consumers and I’m sure that  most of you, after reading this, will also be looking forward to the next rainstorm so that you can try out one of these brightly colored umbrellas.

Ginkgo umbrella


Ginkgo umbrella in Google colors