Embroidery Bracelet | Cruciani


Walk down the streets of Milan and you’ll notice it right away. The Italian women you pass might each have on a unique outfit, but we can predict that if you look at their wrists you’ll see at least one colorful embroidered bracelet.  Originally from the seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, Cruciani bracelets have become a national obsession.

The first Cruciani bracelets featured a chain of four-leaf clovers, the international symbol of good luck and hope.  The current collection has expanded to feature locks and keys, butterflies, hearts, skulls and pirates in more than 28 bright colors.

$ 12.99-22.99 | Want it?  Grab It!


Special edition Cruciani bracelet for the earthquake Victims in Emilia

The original Cruciani 4 leaf clover bracelet

The new Cruciani pirate bracelet

Butterflies Cruciani bracelets

Cruciani butterfly bracelets