Wooden Perpetual Bilancia Calendar by Enzo Mari

Perpetual Bilancia Calendar in English (top) and Italian (bottom) | Enzo Mari x Danese Milano

As New Years approaches it’s the perfect time to grab the Perpetual Bilancia Calendar designed by Enzo Mari.  Originally produced in 1959, this iconic timekeeper helped Mari transform Danese Milano from a stuffy elite brand into the industrial design powerhouse it is today.

Both functional and organic, the Perpetual Calendar can be used year after year which means you can become eco-friendly and stop buying  paper calendars that will end up in the garbage.   With a walnut wood frame that highlights the date on strips of rosewood, beech and maple, the calendar is playfully reminiscent of vintage schoolhouse slide rulers. Even better than the minimalist appearance is the fact that the calendar fits into almost any style of decor.  Not only can the calendar be placed on a desk or hung on a wall, but it’s also available in both English and Italian depending on which language is spoken  in your office.

$128.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Danese Milano Calendar in english

Perpetual Calendar in Italian | Enzo Mari x Danese Milano

Perpetual Calendar all made in wood

Perpetual Calendar in walnut, beech, rosewood and maple