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Illy espresso cups | The Ernesto Illy Foundation.


The Ernesto Illy Foundation has the lofty mission of cultivating ethics, knowledge and research as a means of promoting the truth and progress of humankind.  Now, with a donation (starting at $100.00) you too can help better the world.

To promote progress the foundation has developed three projects: development and preservation of native Ethiopian coffee plants, introduction of beekeeping and honey production on coffee plantations in Colombia, support for scholarships in the Masters degree in Coffee Economics and Science.  Your donation goes to the project of your choice.

As thanks for your support, you will receive a unique piece of art with unusual and innovative design: a limited-edition set of Ernesto Illy espresso cups. They have been inspired by Dr. Illy who always said that coffee should never be drunk alone as it is appreciated most when shared with someone.

$ 100+ | Want it? Grab it!


Illy espresso coffee

Coffe-beans | The Ernesto Illy Foundation.

Illy espresso cups

The limited-edition set by Ernesto Illy Foundation.