Top Espresso Maker by Saeco

Xelsis SS One Touch Digital ID Espresso Maker | Saeco


“This is the best espresso ever” are fighting words for any Italian who values coffee.  Now, thanks to Saeco, when you find that perfect combination of time and temperature you can protect it like the state secret it deserves to be with fingerprint technology.

The One Touch makes me think of a dark future where coffee culture is all but extinct.  Imagine it:  in a wold of watered-down generic coffee only a few pockets of dark rich espresso continue to survive as good and evil battle over this precious resource.  The last defence against this caffiene chaos is the technically tricked out Xelsis espresso maker.  The fingerprint scanner offers access to customized beverage profiles while the animated color touch interface provides 6 programmable beverage combinations.  Add to this an automatic cleaning cycle, a steam wand so powerful that you can create microfoam and a ceramic disc coffee grinder and you’ve got an espresso super-machine.

$2, 498 | Want it?  Grab it!


Saeco Espresso Maker

The Saeco Xelsis in stainless steel


Espresso Maker by Saeco

The Xelsis with its cover open