Un espresso, grazie!

The lady with the big yellow hat stares at me: just for a short moment, then all returns to black. I turn over then open my eyes again. I see myself reflected in the large mirror that is placed next to my bed. “Good morning Giuli,” I think to myself. In just few minutes I realize that is time to face the first obstacle of the day: getting up. How awful! I drag my feet to the bathroom, turn the cold tap on, and sink my head under it. The only thing I can think about is: Okay, I need a cup of coffee. A cup of black, hot and very strong coffee.  A cup of Italian espresso.


Illy espresso cup

Illy espresso cup


With the usual gestures – that have long become mechanical and no longer need the participation of my still-asleep brain –  I start filling the moka with Illy coffee.  The red version is my favorite. I know, it seems to be a ritual that is absolutely trivial, but for me it’s very important. It’s like bringing a little bit of home with me to all the corners of the world where I may travel. Although I am deeply in love with coffee, don’t think that this tradition belongs only to me!  If you come form Italy or have been to Italy at least once in your life you may have noticed that Italians are real espresso-victims.


Coffee break in a vintage Italian movie

A Coffee break in a vintage Italian movie with Toto.

Coffee break a timeless addiction

The timeless addiction to the coffee break


For us, coffee is not just coffee. In that small cup, you will find a world of traditions. We have a cup of espresso when we want to take a break from work, when we just need an excuse to meet up with friends we have not seen for a long time or when we’re looking for an excuse to share a piece of our day with someone. Espresso is our daily addiction.


Vintage espresso advertisement


This magic potion that consists in just a few drops aromatic liquid, saves our days. It ‘s the way we reconcile with the whole world and ourselves. Tired? Have an espresso! Bored? An espresso, thank you.  Feeling down? An espresso for my friend, please.

Typical Italian moka coffee machine

Typical Italian moka coffee machine


In nutshell, the history of Italians and espresso is perhaps one of the most beautiful love stories ever written. For this reason, when we are on the other side of the world and discover the existence of a good cup of coffee, we are transported back home with each sip.


Old automatic espresso machine

Old automatic espresso machine | Image Koalie