Lime Mille Lire Money Scarf | Faliero Sarti


Now that the holiday season is in full gear, I keep coming across beautiful and amazing things online.  I immediately start imagining which friend would love an item as a gift or how much I would like to receive it.  The only problem is that I see a lot of great stuff, but have so little money! That’s when I start dreaming that the cozy sweater I want is really just a huge dollar bill I can wrap up in to keep warm.  Maybe that’s not exactly what Faliero Sarti had in mind when they created their Money Collection of Italian silk scarves, but the result is a great accessory that inspired by Italian and American currency.

I’ve been a fan of Faliero Sarti’s beautifully hued, soft woven scarves for some time now, but when I saw these I was blown away by the subtlety of the colors. Take a close look at a dollar bill or a vintage mille lire or any currency and  you’ll see that the paper is not one uniform color, but really a blend of brightly hued paper fibers. The same is true with the pastel toned threads of the money scarf.  Made in Italy, this micro modal silk blend with frayed edges captures the worn texture and characteristic color of the money we use every day.

$ 410.00 | Want it? Grab it!


Faliero Sarti Silk Lire Scarf


Faliero Sarti Silk US Dollar Scarf


Faliero Sarti Dollar Silk Scarf