The Grand Finale of Fall Fashion

Like I said in part 1 and 2, this series of posts is about pieces that last a lifetime. They are all part of a carefully selected shopping trip to the store Guild on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California.

I kept the best for last!


Greg Lauren hat | Haider Ackermann pants | Ann Demeulemeester top


This Greg Lauren grey hat, was the perfect match for this outfit with Haider Ackermann pants and an Ann Demeulemeester top.

Then, here below, we have a cool combo of a Greg Lauren jacket and R13 leather pants. I feel like a true rockstar!


Greg Lauren jacket | R13 leather pants

Greg Lauren jacket | R13 leather pants


To add mystery to this chilly day I pick a long Greg Lauren Coat, a Faliero Sarti Scarf and Anne Demeulemeester tank top.


Greg Lauren coat | Faliero Sarti scarf | Anne Demeulemeester tank top

Greg Lauren coat | Faliero Sarti scarf


To accessorize and give that grand finale, I’ve chosen an Ugo Cacciatori ring for one hand and an Anne Demeulemeester claw ring for the other.


Ugo Cacciatori ring | Anne Demeulemeester claw ring


Enjoy your winter….