Digital illustrations of iconic firearms

Can you imagine Clint Eastwood without his gun? And what about Bonnie and Clyde? Photographs of these  personalities holding their guns have made history and contributed to turning them into the most famed American outlaws. Sometimes the accessories used by famous characters become an icon as much as the character itself. Award-winning Italian multimedia designer Federico Mauro’s interest in iconic instruments and accessories is no secret: his previous works include his series Famous Glasses, Famous Shoes, and Famous Guitars. Now this young designer who wrote his college thesis on horror films brings us Famous Guns, the latest addition to his collection of digital drawings.


Bonnie's & Clyde's Guns | Federico Mauro

Bonnie’s & Clyde’s Guns | Federico Mauro


The minimalistic design that guides the Famous series lets each object speak for itself. In fact, what is surprising about Federico’s work is that it illustrates the extraordinary extent to which seemingly small objects contribute to the perceived personality of their legendary holders. From the massive M-16 rifle used by Tony Montana in Scarface to James Bond’s elegant black gun capped with a silencer, each of the drawings epitomizes the most famous bad guys of pop culture.


Tony Montana's Gun | Federico Mauro

Tony Montana’s Gun | Federico Mauro


James Bond's Gun | Federico Mauro

James Bond’s Gun | Federico Mauro


Clint Eastwood's Gun | Federico Mauro

Clint Eastwood’s Gun | Federico Mauro


Django's Gun | Federico Mauro

Django’s Gun | Federico Mauro


El Mariachi's Gun | Federico Mauro

El Mariachi’s Gun | Federico Mauro


Vincent Vega's & Jules Winnifield's Guns | Federico Mauro

Vincent Vega’s & Jules Winnifield’s Guns | Federico Mauro