In Spring of ’78 when Mom bought this dress she didn’t know that yellow was a hot color. Mom just wore yellow because she felt like it, and that’s how I feel today. I won’t find it in magazines, or on other friends. I won’t see it featured on my favorite shopping site. I will just browse outfits until I find one that feels right.  At the end of the day when I find the right look I want to have this same expression as my Mom on my face.


My Mom in a yellow mood


So I started looking at Guild Boutique, which carries a really cool Spring/Summer selection. It starts with this amazing Giorgio Brato leather jacket, right as you walk in.


Giorgio Brato leather jacket


Then as I’m on my way out, I stop and notice the beauty of this leather hat by Anne Demeulemeester and this long silky dress from Haider Ackermann.


fashion mood

Anne Demeulemeester leather hat and Haider Ackermann dress


Now it’s time to select something lighter that will give me that Westside, comfy spring feeling..perhaps this Greg Lauren Jacket and high waisted khakis.




Or maybe an amazing Haider Skirt like Alexandra’s…with a white shirt and orange nail polish matching my orange Pinky Panther Ring…


Haider skirt

My orange nail polish


But no, this isn’t the fashion mood I was looking for.  What about a raw silk cardigan by Anne Demeulemeester….


Raw silk cardigan by Anne Demeulemeester