The series began in 2001 with it’s first chapter, The Fast and the Furious, followed with more installments including 2 Fast 2 Furious (in Miami), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Fast & Furious (LA & Mexico) . For  the fifth chapter, Fast Five, in RIO de Janeiro I was there. I was one of them. Taking it all in during the premiere of Fast 5. Breathtaking backdrops like the Corcovado’ Christ, Sugar Loaf’s, Copacabana, Ypanema, Santa Teresa, Lapa and the favelas. Did the premiere, did the samba, saw Mc Gringo – check him out on the web – stayed at the Copacabana Hotel, did talk to the actors, did eat the meat and sucked agua de cocco, finishing it all with a little escapade to the Cidade de Dues (City of God- like the movie, directed by Fernando Meirelles).

Corcovado here I come!

Welcome to the City of God!

To say that Fast 5 is the best, it’s true, but if you are in the theater, DO NOT LEAVE your seat once credits start to roll. You’ll thank me later. One last details. To date the series has grossed almost $1 billion dollars worldwide at the box office. At the press conference I had a chance to bug the actors, shoot the breeze and get some info on their “Italian Lifestyle” applied to their yankees daily-life.

fast 5 cast photo

Vin, Dwayne, Paul, Jordana & with producer Michael.

fast 5 actresses

Elsa, Sung Kang and Gal

jordana fan photo

Jordana with a Carioca fan!

Jordana Brewster – Born in Panama City, Panama in 1980, grew up in Rio de Janeiro from a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model mother and a Yale Professor father. “Not a yankee, I am a Carioca. Rio’s blood in my veins. I like to hang out, hike, love horror movies, acting classes, get more jobs! and love interior designers, especially italians. Love any kind of italian coffee, Illy, Lavazza, Segafredo, Hag and also  italian people because you love life, love carbs, pasta and bread. I’m passionate, in love with life like you. I also love speed….fast cars and bikes. I drive a Range Rover Sport and an old Moto Guzzi“.

fast 5 jordana moto guzzi

Jordana loves Moto Guzzi. (photo courtesy by

actress fast 5 jordana snapshot

Jordana @ the press conference in Rio.

Elsa Pataky – Born in Madrid 1976. – Just got married with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth. Spaniard and half Hungarian-Rumenian she loves the european lifestyle, where people come first. “I like to work in different languages, I speak rumenian, spanish, french and most of them all Italian, la lingua dell’Amore, I worked in France and Italy – Giallo directed by Dario Argento – I love to speak italian, to me is romantic, I loved the fact that you people put life & family first. I love Italy, not so different form us Spanish, we also are so passionatre about life, food and speed. I spent 3 months in Rome, and I thought: this is not work! Italian food is international, basically everywhere in the world you can find an italian restaurant. Speed…..I do have a need for speed: I drive a Ducati since I was 16, I love it. Hands off my Ducati, wanna race?

elsa fast 5 press conference

Elsa is a trooper....

fast 5 press elsa gal

Looking' beautiful...

Gal Gadot – Born in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel in 1985. Miss Israel 2004. Model in Milano for years. She is a woman, no doubt thanks to years of ballerina dance training, even though she started out as a tomboy, a soldier and Krav Mag – mano-a-mano – expert for the secret israelian army. “Modelling in Milano was the best and the worst: best because of the fashion, the clothes, the designers – Armani & D&G her favorite – the worst because of bulimia, sexual innuendo and the party scene. Italian things I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: italian people, spaghetti alla bolognese, best wine and the best winery in the world! NEED FOR SPEED: love sport cars, I have and Audi GT in my garage in Israel but would love to own a Ferrari. Next trip to Modena!

gal press release fast 5

Gal is though!

Paul Walker: Former LAPD cop, former FBI agent, in FAST 5 will be a fugitive, a bad guy.
Handsome, blond blue eyes, niiice physique: Paul William Walker IV – this is his whole name – still had to face stereotypes. “It’s the usual prejudice, no one took me seriously because of my looks, so in between gigs, I went surfing and travelling around the world“. Let me ask you:
1. Icon: “I’ve always dreamed of becoming like Jacques Costeau. Love Discovery Channel and Animal Planet”.
2. Passion: “Photography. I’m never without my Mamiya 645”.
3. Secret dream: “Travel South America with a guitar and a surfboard, stop in Costa Rica, open up an italian restaurant and teach kids English and mathematics“.
4. Favorite bike: “When I was in Italy I loved an old Vespa, which I did drive down the Italian suthern coast for a month! Best ride of my life!
5. My Daughter: “Meadow Rain“.

paul walker rio press release fast 5

Paul Walker loves Vespa.

Vin Diesel: actor, director and producer of the latest Fast 5′s saga. “I owe everything I have and do to Spielbger for discovering me. To Sidney Pollack, my idol, for telling me I am a great actor, no matter what people tought about me, and to Universal Studios, for giving me my first role and for promising to distribute my Hannibal movie, a lifelong time project. Why? Because I am italian, because I love Sicily, because I love history and because I live my life by the italian code of OMERTA’, the most important thing in a man’s life. Never rat friends and family out! Capisciiiiii!!!

vin diesel fast 5 actor producer rio press release

Vin is Sicilian...

Bom dia, um beijo, Ganzo.
Ciao e baci da Ganzo.