Helmet in brown

Newmax Helmet

Problem: you can’t afford a Ferrari, but you want to drive Ferrari-style. Solution: the Ferrari Style Helmet.  Get on a Ducati or a Vespa or even a bicycle and you can still protect your brain with Maranello-level quality and elegance.

Lined  with two-tone Dupont® technical fabric that is both anti-allergic and antistatic, this is a helmet that’s as technically advanced as its namesake car.  Don’t worry about your new Ferrari gear showing the wear of miles of driving because the outer shell of advanced thermoplastic polymer and the polycarbonate visor are both scratch-resistant.  Just be sure that when you take a coffee break on your trip, you carry the helmet with you  - gawkers will want to appreciate the shiny aluminum details and the richly embossed Ferrari logo that might be hard to see when you’re racing down the road.

$343.85 | Want it? Grab it!


Helmet with visor by Newmax

Helmet details


Helmet with embossed logo

Embossed logo


The helmet in black

Helmet in black