logo on the board

Ferrari's logo on the surfboard


Ferrari offers an exclusive level of performance in everything it does. Always. Even a technologically simple object such as a surfboard has to have the best and most advanced components in order to meet the company’s main demand: performance. In a definition of the Ferrari surfboard performance is the first word. The words following it are: precision, quality and exclusivity. A list that perfectly fit Ferrari’s brand.

The carbon fiber surfboard with a wooden stringer is dedicated to the 16M Scuderia Spider, and shares its design at a relatively low price.  Both are produced in a limited series of 499 pieces. Perfect for those who want to be the fastest not only on the road, but also on the waves.

$ 1,362.00 | Want it? Grab it!

16M Scuderia Spider, the board and the car

The two 16M Scuderia Spider


The board


16M Scuderia Spider