ferrari 458 italia exhaust pipes

A close snapshot of the exhaust pipes

After winning Robb Report’s 2011 Car of the Year award, Ferrari started rolling out the judging panel’s praise in its PR materials.

Beginning with the compliment that the Ferrari 458 is “a shocking demonstration of just how much improvement can be brought to an already near-perfect sports car,” Robb Report’s rave reaches levels of poetic praise normally used in romance novels.

“For our judges, editors, writers, and anyone who just happened to be wandering by, the Fly Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia was adoration at first glimpse.  This was before they heard the clattering bellow of 562 hp spitting from the triple-tip exhaust; before they touched, felt, and snuggled into the glove-like leather and drove this masterpiece; before they concluded that all things magnificent from Italian culture, from Michelangelo’s Pietà to a 1945 Brunello di Montalcino, bow before a Ferrari.”

–Robb Report correspondent Paul Dean

“Faster, quicker- and smoother-shifting, and with lighter steering than its predecessor, the most powerful Ferrari V-8 ever does its magic without forced induction and while revving to a heady 9,000 rpm with a scorching musical note that makes paddle-shifting at redline an addiction.”

- Automotive consultant Robert Ross

I wouldn’t bow before a car and, given the choice, I would save Michelangelo’s Pietà from a burning building over the Ferrari 458, but it is hard not to fall a little bit in love with the car after reading these descriptions.


new ferrari 458 front view

Simply a masterpiece!