new fiat 500

The new 500 in all its beautiness


Last week we had the chance to be part of the press event at the Fiat showroom in Downtown Los Angeles – fantastic space – that launched the new Fiat 500 Abarth.  Just three letters to describe the car: W – O – W! Fiat wants to give the American market a small-but-muscular car and every element of the new Abarth screams those qualities.


fiat show los angeles

Images from the show: "As an Italian"


During the event – very crowded, full of lights, full of music and vibes – we discovered that the shape of the car is similar to the original 500 version, but there are several technological improvements from the engine – a powerful 1.4 liter AirTurbo, and on to the brakes, to the suspension, to the design of the car itself … well, everything is race-inspired. This car is a real blast, and Fiat is aiming to dramatically increase its market share in the States.


fiat 500 press los angeles

Images from the show: the presentation


So far, Jenny from the block is not the spokesperson for the Fiat commercial, but we think the spot we’ve seen works really well. It gives the same idea that Mr. Abarth, 60 years ago, had concerning the first Fiat 500: a “small but wicked” car. After 60 years, its wickedness is going to conquer us, once again.  So great job guys, we are looking forward to seeing lots of Abarth bullets on the US roads!


abarth presentatio los angeles

Images from the show: Lady Liberty


fiat 500 show los angeles

Here's the newborn Fiat 500


The video we shot: