Panorama Sofa by Lapo Elkann for Meritalia

Fiat 500 Panorama Sofa by Lapo Elkann

Sometimes it happens:  a true Icon is declined in new and different forms. And this is our case. Everyone knows about the famous Fiat 500 (especially now that it has finally reached the States!): great Italian style, a status symbol of an Italian era, the must have car of our decade. An everlasting myth on four wheels. OK, you may think that it is expansive, or maybe it is too small to fits your needs. but you like it … so, thanks to Lapo Elkann’s creative mind and to Meritalia, leading Italian company for design furniture, you can now enjoy your 500 in your living room. How? The Fiat 500 Panorama sofa is designed after the original 70s Fiat 500 and crafted as a furniture!

Available in different colors and textiles combinations (like the Italian flag three colors seat combination, or maybe a  more classic blue Alcantara), the Panorama sofa is the design masterpiece every loft in Downtown (no matter the city) should have!

$ 7,900 | Want it? Grab It (sending a mail to, since the online store is written only in Italian!)!

Italian flag seat deatil of the sofa designed by lapo elkann

A close look on the seats: Italian Flag combination


Fiat 500 Panorama stand by Lapo Elkann

It fits everywhere! Here is how it was presented at the Salone del Mobile di Milano in April 2011