Fighter Motorcycle Helmet | Momo Design


Here you are with your brand new motorcycle, ready for a ride in the countryside. Or maybe you’re just waiting on the porch for your boyfriend to come pick you up on his trendy motorcycle. The only thing that could spoil such a great moment would be an uncomfortable and unfashionable helmet.  That’s why if you’re a true motorcycle enthusiast you’ve probably got the Fighter Helmet by Momo Design ready for your nice ride.

Momo has been in the racing business since 1964 and clearly knows what customers expect. The best seller among all the models, The Fighter, has recently been given a revamp and is now just stunning. The lift-up bubble visor and the grips can be easily removed to give the helmet a completely different jet-style appearance.

Momo Design has also introduced many new colors for the Fighter which gives the customer more options. Great design finishings and increased safety have made the Fighter a top class helmet. Maybe it’s time for you to trash your old helmet and go for a ride with the Momo Fighter!

€ 219.00 – 259.00 | Want it? Grab it!



Special edition chrome and black Fighter Motorcycle Helmet | Momo Design

Fighter Motorcycle Helmet in matte lilac | Momo Design

Fighter Motorcycle Helmet in shiny cherry and silver | Momo Design