The Art of Ditology

“I hide myself behind my finger” – Dito Von Tease


Dito Von Tease self-portrait


I can’t find the best expression to introduce “Ditology,”  the unusual collection of portraits by the Italian artist Dito Von Tease. No one may know his face, but the Italian artist Dito Von Tease has a thumb that is distinctively recognizable. It’s hard to find a way to introduce his unusual collection of portraits, other than to explain that its title “Ditology” is a clever play on words based on the fact that “dito” is Italian for “finger.“


Dalai Lama | Dito von Tease


The project began 3 years ago after Von Tease decided to create an avatar using a photo of his thumb and some digital retouching.  Today it includes hundreds of famous finger people.  The subjects are chosen from the daily news, the arts, music,television, fairy tales, politics and also historical events.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Dito von Tease


The Ditology project  is not only a funny and extravagant collection. With these portraits Dito von Tease also wants to emphasize the importance of the index finger in today’s digital world, where people use their thumbs to communicate.

What is your favorite portrait? I definitely  love all of  them!


Steve Jobs | Dito von Tease



Shrek | Dito von Tease

Ronald Mcdonald | Dito von Tease