You made eye contact. You smiled kindly to one another – but then? From now on it depends on the language of your attitude. Your body attitude shows whether you like someone or not.

Flirting + simone martini

Simone Martini, Annunciazione tra i Santi Ansano e Margherita. What is Mary’s body language saying... !!!

If the appearance, the look and the scent please you, its time to go a step further. It appears that if we like someone or agree with someone, we also adapt the same body attitude. This makes it a lot easier to express to that person, without talking, that you like him or her.

Adopt exactly the same attitude! That’s how simple it is. Your future lover will feel loved in advance. Of course it is not intended that your imitation draws attention. Therefore adopt a different attitude now and then, but be conscious of the message this may convey.

Flirting + Canova

Le Tre Grazie by Antonio Canova

Crossing your arms or legs, although it is comfortable, shows that you are closed. Just like carrying a bag in your lap. A symmetrical attitude, arms and legs left and right in the same position, appears very neat, but also submissive.

If you want to appear relaxed and interested, you ‘d better be facing one another, not just with your head and shoulders. If you want to invade a person, your entire body, with arms and legs, must be aimed at that person.

Flirting + botticelli

Venere e Marte by Botticelli

Your knees may be touching now and then, this shows that your body is open to intimacy. After being in one another’s presence for some time, you can adopt a more comfortable attitude, slump in your chair, lean on the armrest or bar. According to body experts this does not appear impolite, quite the contrary, it appears that you feel relaxed in his or her presence.

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