Ciao, IRMA is back for Lesson #3.

Perhaps someone may appear to you as someone whom you want to kiss immediately..ladies and gents… beware and be aware. I tell you that the final judgment is in your nose. A perfume is a decoy. A trap. An invitation. You send a signal: do you like my scent?

flirting + twilight

Edward Cullen in Twilight, can't resist Bella's blood scent. Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment

You don’t just apply perfume because it smells good or because you appear to be well-cared-for. There is more to it.

It’s vanity. You want to be smelled and you want to be addressed and noticed  with your scent. The reason that perfume was invented is because people realized that they attract more people when there is no smell of dirty body parts present. Basically, if you stink, you suck.

flirting + socks

Smelly socks are very unappealing!

When your potential attractive partner passes near you, just to fetch a drink…is in that brief moment  you either make it or break it…Either you are ‘magic’…or you magically disappear.

Flirting is done with your eyes and mouth but the nose is the final approval.

It is not for nothing that perfumes attempt to catch the essence of body scent in a bottle. They want pheromones, molecules out of body scent which serve to make a person sexually attractive.  Sexually… yeah, sexually.

flirting + old spice

Everybody loves Isaiah Mustafa, from Old Spice commercial... because he smells good!

I tried with everything, trust me. I really tried. But it isn’t easy to catch this scent, since the human brain will not be attracted by a bottle of synthetic pheromones. Try then with Romance.

Romance is a subtle mixture of many components. Anything you ever smelt, tasted or saw, is stored in your memory. Your personal past experiences will decide whether you find a scent comforting or exciting.

flirting + scent

Check out Perfume, the book - by Patrick Süskind - and movie - directed by Tom Tykwer, screenplay by Andrew Birkin & Bernd Eichinger. Image courtesy by Constantin Film

Remember MUSK? In the trendy seventies musk was the favourite decoy in perfumes.

It is a secretion from a gland in the musk deer, today produced synthetically. These days those synthetic musks are found in laundry detergents and fabric softeners. It is therefore recognised as the scent of cleanness. U C, you learn something every day.

flirting + Macho Musk

Musk oil sure was big in the Seventies. Mucho macho man!

Experts say that who wants to be successful when flirting with scent, should carry the scent of sandalwood, roses, jasmine and amber.

You shy? You suck with women or men? You lazy? Do you need a tip? The scent of washed clothing works in your advantage. And it is easier to find. And cheaper.

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