Food design for nutrition

Food design might be a hot topic nowadays, but Valentina Raffaelli has given it a technical spin that is new, fresh, and focused on health.



Apple poster | Herbarium Taste by Valentina Raffaelli


Influenced by her background as an architect and designer, she investigates the matter behind the form, and the taste, of everyday foods. The result is Herbarium Taste, a project composed of a nutrition guide, technical drawings and more.  The cool design, colorful illustrations and helpful information are linked by the same goal: bring attention to the important topic of food nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.



The pumpkin | Valentina Raffaelli


Think about the foods you normally buy.  How are they displayed?  How are they packaged to make them look more glamorous? The way we view food is often more influenced by design that covers up basic ingredients rather than revealing them.

Now, think about Valentina Raffaelli’s approach to food. Going beyond the boundaries of frosting and cardboard, she investigates how nature has designed food to be amazing. It’s a point of view that’s refreshing and modern.  So far Valentina, who is Italian, but lives in Amsterdam, has included zucca (pumpkin), porro (leek), patata (potato), finocchio (fennel), carciofo (artichoke), mela (apple) and frumento (wheat) in her project, but keep your eye out because more are on the way!



The fennel | Herbarium Taste


The artichoke | Herbarium Taste