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Food Storage | Friday Project (Valentina Raffaelli and Luca Boscardin)


What’s better than learning that a designer you love has a new project? Discovering that two designers you love have a new project together! Valentina Raffaelli and Luca Boscardin, both previously featured in Ganzo, are the Italian brains behind Friday Project, a design collective based in Amsterdam. This month they are presenting their new concept, Food Storage, at the Salone Satellite 2013, the section of the Furniture Fair in Milan that welcomes designers under 35 years old.


fridayproject-food storage4

Food Storage | Friday Project


Created in a sophisticated mid-century palette, Food Storage is a functional storage system that aims to promote good nutrition through smart design. A primarily open layout allows you to see what food is available, while terracotta containers help preserve fresh ingredients outside of the fridge and closed drawers protect delicate ingredients from the light. The overall shape of the system takes its inspiration from the food pyramid. Since foods that should be eaten the most are given the most amount of storage space, the concept helps users make better decisions. We love it because it’s a project that feeds our hunger for great design and great food!



The terracotta containers in the Food Storage system


fridayproject-food storage5

Food Storage | Friday Project



Food Storage | Friday Project